ACH – Automated Clearing House

ACH is the financial framework for processing transactions not made in cash. We handle online payments via the ACH network.

CAFES – Electronic Inbonds Cancellations

Speeds up shipments by sending important Customs and Border Protection information ahead electronically. CAFES also decreases total shipping costs by making information processing much more efficient.

HAZMAT – Hazardous Materials Certification

HAZMAT certification allows us to store and ship a wider range of inventories.


Our building includes a fully automated office and 15,000 sq. ft. of total space. We can store inventory in racks and floor space in the warehouse or in a fenced-in yard.


We keep US and Mexican Customs brokers in one building to streamline the shipping process and keep you from having to run all around town to find the people you need to talk to.


We are not only a US/Mexico import export company. We offer distribution in the United States and Mexico along with other international options.


If you’re not sure exactly what you need, we offer import export consultations. We can come up with a logistical plan to fit your requirements.