Wandering is for minstrels and hobos. The rest of us have no time for wrong turns and blind alleys. Our decisions must be right the first time.
If you plan a trip, buy a map. If you make decisions, stay informed. That’s where we can help. It’s our business to know the import-export laws, and what’s happening on both sides of the border that might impact a client’s business decisions. If you have questions, we’re standing by with answers.

You have freight to move and we can move it, faster, more efficiently and at minimal cost.

Express World Trade, Inc. offers know-how in new branding. In 2009 a select group of talented individuals skilled in every aspect of the import-export business banded together to bring fresh thinking to an ancient business. The result of this symbiosis is better service – consistent, reliable and expeditious. For our clients, it also means simplicity, transparency, and peace of mind.

At Express World Trade we handle the coordination of US/Mexico Customs brokers, truck and rail transport, and all the little details of a complex process including power of attorney arrangements if requested. Our clients don’t need to navigate their way through a paperwork maze, they receive a single invoice making expenses easier to understand and manage.

To insure our clients have quick access to their inventory, we use Velocity Inventory Management and rapid processing by US/Mexico Customs using Automated Broker Interface support. These services enable us to react to client requests for shipment with minimum delay.

Our goal and mission statement at Express World Trade is to make your US/Mexico import-export experience worry free, affordable, reliable and safe.

Company Highlights