Express World Trade, Inc. is located in Laredo, Texas, both the “gateway to Mexico” and one of the busiest land ports on the US mainland. Our staff has served the area for more than twenty years. Our location ensures that we are always close to where you do business. Call, email, or stop by to discuss your business needs.

Ship with confidence. Express World Trade takes the worry out of cross-border operations. We are positioned to offer everything our clients need from secure storage and warehouse space to inventory control and rapid response to their requests. Our experience in this business and the contacts we have nurtured over the years gives us a unique understanding of, and close working relationship with, US/Mexico Customs.
We take great pride in representing a client and work hard to deserve its trust. We understand our role as a facilitator and that the client never relinquishes ownership of inventory and maintains ultimate control. Inventory in our warehouse is constantly monitored and a client is welcome to view its inventory on-line via our network any time, day or night.